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Android Android 5.0App
4.0 ( 405 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Virtual Backup APK
Publisher FreeTricky
Genre App
Size 25 KB
Version V2.8
Update Jan 24, 2024
Mod Version V2.8
Total installs 10,000+
Virtual Backup APK is the most famous version in the Virtual Backup APK series of publisher FreeTricky

Virtual Backup APK is a free Android app that allows users to easily back up and restore app data between devices. It functions similarly to file transfer apps like SHAREit but is specialized for backing up app data specifically.

The app has become popular among Android users who frequently switch between devices or reset their phones, as it provides an easy way to transfer app data without losing progress or achievements.

Main Features of Virtual Backup APK

Here are some of the key features of Virtual Backup APK:

  • Back-up app data: Easily back up data from games, social media apps, etc. Preserves progress, scores, settings, etc.
  • Restore app data: Restore previously backed-up app data after installing the app on a new device. Picks up where you left off.
  • WiFi transfer: Transfers app data between devices via WiFi. No cables or cloud storage is needed.
  • App & APK backup: Back up the APKs (app install files) themselves in addition to app data.
  • Safe & Secure: Uses direct device-to-device WiFi transfer. No risk of data leaks through third-party services.
  • Free to use: Available at no cost on the Google Play Store. Easy to install and set up.
  • Small size: Weighs only 25KB. A lightweight app that won’t take up much storage space.

Using Virtual Backup APK

Using Virtual Backup APK to back up and restore app data is very straightforward. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Install Virtual Backup APK

First, install Virtual Backup APK on both devices between which you want to transfer app data. This includes the old device that has the app data you want to back up and the new device you want to restore data to.

The app is available for free from the Google Play Store. Make sure to install the same version of the app on both devices.

Install Virtual Backup APK

2. Open the App and Select Transfer Direction

Open the Virtual Backup app on both devices. On the old device, select “Backup” to back up data TO this device. On the new device, choose “Restore” to restore data FROM another device.

Select Backup or Restore

3. Choose Apps to Back Up

On the backup device, you will see a list of apps installed on your phone. Select the apps whose data you want to back up by tapping on them. Games and social media apps are great to back up if you want to retain progress.

Choose apps to back up

4. Transfer App Data via WiFi

After selecting apps, tap on “Start” to begin the WiFi data transfer. Keep both devices close to each other during the transfer. Make sure WiFi is enabled on both devices.

Wait for the transfer process to complete. All app data from selected apps will be backed up.

Transfer app data

5. Restore App Data

Now install the same apps you backed up on your new device. Open Virtual Backup and tap on “Restore” this time. It will fetch all the backed-up app data from the other device via WiFi and restore it onto the apps.

That’s it! You will now have your games, documents, chat history, etc. exactly as they were on your old device.

Why You Should Use Virtual Backup APK

Here are some of the top reasons to use Virtual Backup APK for backing up and migrating app data:

Preserves App Progress & Achievements

You likely have important app data like game progress, chat history, documents, high scores, and achievements that you have worked hard for. With Virtual Backup, you can securely back up these app files and later restore them to pick up right where you left off.

No more starting from scratch every time you switch devices or reset your phone!

Easy Migration to New Devices

Getting a new phone? Simply install Virtual Backup on both devices, back up data from old device, then restore it on the new one. This makes setting up your apps on the new phone a breeze.

No more tedious manual migration of app data via cables.

Safe & Secure

Unlike some other backup apps, Virtual Backup uses direct peer-to-peer WiFi to transfer your data between devices. This means your sensitive app data does not route through any cloud storage services where it could be compromised.

Free to Use

While some backup services require paid subscriptions for good features, Virtual Backup provides excellent functionality like app/APK backup completely free of cost.

This makes it easily accessible for everyone. No need to pay anything to protect your app achievements and documents.

Extremely Lightweight

The app is less than 25KB in size, making it one of the lightest apps of its kind. It will not take up any noticeable storage space on your device.


Virtual Backup APK enables seamless backing up and migration of important app data that you may have accumulated over time using games, chat apps, productivity apps, etc.

It prevents you from losing your hard work when switching devices or resetting your phone by letting you back up and restore app files via WiFi.

The app stands out with its direct device-to-device transfer, free usage, lightweight size, and widespread compatibility with Android versions 2.3 and above.

If you frequently switch between Android devices or wipe data, using Virtual Backup can save you tons of time and frustration in the long run.

Download (25 KB)

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