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Real Cricket 22 Mod APK All Tournament Unlocked v1.2 Download

Do you love cricket and want an amazing gaming experience? Real Cricket 22 Mod APK is the game for you. It offers unlimited resources, multiplayer matches, and realistic stadium atmospheres.

In this article, we will also explain the fantastic features of this cricket game. Get ready to take your cricket gaming to the next level with Real Cricket 22 Mod APK!

real cricket 22 mod apk all tournament unlocked Download
Game DetailsInfo
NameReal Cricket 22
Size567 MB
 RequirementsAndroid 5.0
DeveloperNautilus Mobile.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Unlocked Tournament
Last Updated24, Oct 2023

What is Real Cricket 22 Mod APK

Real Cricket 22 Mod APK is a modified version of the Real Cricket 22 mobile game. This mod APK gives you unlimited in-game resources like diamonds and coins.

It also unlocks new levels, removes ads, and gives access to premium content. This allows you to enjoy the full game experience for free.

Features of Real Cricket 22 Mod APK

Challenger Mode

real cricket 22 game download

The Real Cricket 22 Mod APK has a Challenger Mode feature in which you take part in competitive tournaments.

You can join existing tournaments or make your own and invite other players. This gives you a way to show off your cricket skills and compete against other skilled players.

The mode has different tournament formats you can choose from. Anyone from around the world can host or join these tournaments.

All Tournaments Unlocked

Real Cricket 22 mod apk comes with a feature that allows all tournaments to be unlocked without having to progress through the game.

You don’t have to unlock them by playing through the game first. This means you can play Quick Play, World Cup, Test Matches, Tours, and more without meeting any requirements.

Normally you’d have to win more matches to unlock everything. But with the mod, you can access all modes immediately.

Unlimited Money and Resources

real cricket 22 mod apk download

Real Cricket 22 mod apk also gives you unlimited money and resources. Usually, you’d have to earn in-game currency or buy it to get new players, equipment, and upgrades.

But with the mod, you have an endless supply of money and resources. You can make any purchases and upgrades you want without ever running out. This makes the game more enjoyable since you don’t have money limiting your progress.

Real-Time Multiplayer

This game allows you to play live online matches against other players. You can choose from different match formats:

  1. 1 vs 1: Classic one-on-one matches with ranked and unranked teams.
  2. Dream Team Challenge: Compete in a special mode to earn the title of Legend in the game.
  3. Premier League: Participate in a league format competition.
  4. Pro Series: Take part in a professional series of matches.

600+ New Batting Shots

real cricket 22 mod apk unlimited money and gems

Real Cricket 22 mod apk has over 600 batting shots to choose from. So that, you can have your own unique and advanced batting styles. The variety of shots also adds realism and depth, making the game more enjoyable for cricket fans.

Motion Capture

Real Cricket 22 uses motion capture technology for the first time to create realistic fielding, catching, and batting animations.

Motion capture records real people’s movements and applies them to the game characters. This allows for smooth, natural fielding dives, slides, running, and catches. The lifelike animations make the on-field action extremely immersive.

Players can experience top-notch cricket action thanks to the implementation of motion capture technology.

Live Commentary

real cricket 22 mod apk latest version

Real Cricket 22 apk has live English and Hindi commentary by famous commentators like Sanjay Manjrekar and Aakash Chopra.

The adaptive commentary changes based on the match situation, player performance, and weather.

This dynamic commentary makes the game more exciting and realistic, simulating an authentic cricket match experience

Dynamic Stadiums

Real Cricket 22 mod apk features stadiums modeled after real cricket stadiums around the world. The stadiums are true to scale with accurate weather, crowd noise, pitch types, and boundary sizes.

Players can experience international venues as their favorite teams. The realistic details of the dynamic stadiums make the cricket experience more immersive and enjoyable for fans.

Shot Map

real cricket 22 download apk

The Shot Map in Real Cricket 22 apk lets you customize your batting style. It shows a visual pitch where you can assign different shots like drives, pulls, and sweeps to areas.

You can create multiple presets of your ideal shots for situations. For example, use aggressive shots when the field spreads out or defensive shots when fielders are near the wicket.

Exciting New Meta

Real Cricket 22 mod apk has daily quests and missions to drive progression. These provide objectives like scoring runs or taking wickets during matches. Completing quests earns rewards like experience points to level up.

As you level up, the quests become more difficult for bigger rewards. This meta-game design gives long-term goals to keep playing. The challenging missions add depth as you improve your skills to keep advancing. Daily quests give a purpose to matches and encourage regular play.

Manual Fielding & Catching

real cricket 22 download apk obb

Real Cricket 22 gives players full control over fielding and catching. You can directly control fielders to pick up the ball, throw it, and try to hit the stumps. This adds realism by requiring quick, accurate reactions to field the ball and prevent runs.

It also adds strategy as you decide when to attempt a stump hit versus throwing to the wicketkeeper or another fielder. The hands-on fielding mechanics with throwing and hitting stumps immerse you in matches and make each defensive decision impactful.

Unique Player Faces & Jerseys

Real Cricket 22 mod apk creates an immersive gaming experience through unique player faces and models that mirror real-life players. The developers captured each player’s likeness to make them distinct and recognizable.

The game also features stylized team jerseys designed after actual cricket team uniforms. The authentic jerseys include player numbers and make each team easily identifiable, adding to the realism.

The attention to detail with customized player faces and accurate team jerseys makes Real Cricket 22 feel like an interactive real-life match.

Test Matches

Real Cricket 22 mod apk provides an authentic test match cricket experience. The game simulates real test match rules and conditions like using a pink ball for day-night matches.

It features commentary from legendary commentators, field setup options to strategically position fielders and pitch conditions that change over the course of the 5-day match just like in real life.

Players must adapt strategies as the pitch wears and takes a spin. The attention to detail makes Real Cricket 22 the most realistic cricket video game.

Download Real Cricket 22 Mod APK

real cricket 22 mod apk unlocked everything


Is Real Cricket 22 Mod APK safe to play?

Yes, this game is safe to play.

Can I play Real Cricket 22 Mod APK offline?

Yes, you can play it both online and offline.

Is Real Cricket 22 Mod APK available for iOS devices?

No, Real Cricket 22 Mod APK is not available for iOS devices.

What are the system requirements for Real Cricket 22 APK?

To use Real Cricket 22 APK, you will need Android 5.0 or higher.


In conclusion, Real Cricket 22 Mod APK stands out as the ultimate cricket experience. Take your cricket gaming to the next level by downloading and playing this game. Share your cricket adventures with your friends and enjoy the exciting gameplay.

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