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Efectum Ocean Of APK Download v2.0.7 (Without watermark)

Looking to add some Hollywood magic to your home videos? With Efectum Ocean Of APK, you can transform lackluster clips into cinematic masterpieces with just a few taps on your phone. Discover all the features and benefits of Efectum Ocean Of Mod in this blog, and unlock your creative potential!

Efectum Ocean Of APK Download
App DetailsInfo
App NameEfectum Ocean Of
Size60 MB
CategoryVideo Players & Editors
Lastest versionLatest version
PublisherCraigpark Limited
Last Updated24, Oct 2023

What is Efectum Ocean Of APK

Efectum Ocean Of APK is a video editing app where you can customize videos. It has features like speeding up or slowing down videos, adding music, and special effects, and even more. And you can download this app with no watermark.

Features of Efectum Ocean Of APK

Video Speed Control

Efectum Ocean Of APK lets you control the speed of your videos. You can speed them up or slow them down, with a range of 0.2 to 10 times. This allows you to make actions happen faster or slower, creating vivid and engaging videos. For example, you can slow down a sports play to analyze movements or speed up a time-lapse video to show a flower blooming.

Extra Video Editing Tools

Efectum Ocean Of Adnroid

Efectum Ocean Of Mod APK offers extra editing tools to improve your videos. These tools include trimming to remove unwanted parts. You can even do fast play, reverse video, and time-lapse The app also allows merging videos for compilation or storytelling.

Special Effects

In addition to basic editing tools, Efectum Ocean Of Mod also allows you to insert special effects into your videos. These effects can make your videos more attractive and interesting to watch. For instance, you could add a filter to change the color palette of the video or use an effect to create a vintage or futuristic look.

Adjust Video Settings and Cropping

efectum ocean of apk no watermark

The application also allows you to adjust the video’s brightness, saturation, and contrast, giving you control over the visual aesthetics of your video. Additionally, you can crop the video to focus on a specific area or subject. This can be particularly useful for removing distracting elements from the frame or for creating a close-up of a particular detail.

Stickers and Text

Efectum Ocean Of APK lets you add stickers and text to your videos for a personalized touch. You can use this feature to add captions or comments to your videos. Stickers can also be used to add fun or highlight specific parts of the video.

Premium Unlocked

Efectum Ocean Of Mod has unlocked premium features. You can now use all the filters and effects for free to enhance your video editing.

No Watermark

Efectum Ocean Of APK doesn’t have watermarks, so you can save your edited videos without any branding. This makes your videos look more professional, which is great for professional use or if you don’t want watermarks.


This app has no ads, so you can edit videos without any interruptions or distractions.

Is What is Efectum Ocean Of APK Safe to Use?

Efectum Ocean Of Mod APK is safe and free of malware. However, be careful when downloading from third-party websites as they may have malicious code to steal your information. You can safely download it from our site without any worries.

Download Efectum Ocean Of APK

efectum ocean of apk download


Can I use Efectum Ocean Of APK on the iOS operating system?

Currently, it is not supported on the iOS operating system and can only be used on Android devices.

Is Efectum Ocean Of APK free to use?

Yes, Efectum Ocean Of APK is free to use. All the premium features are unlocked.

Is Efectum Ocean Of the best for making slow-motion videos?

Yes, Efectum Ocean Of APK is considered one of the best mobile apps for creating slow-motion videos.

Does Efectum Ocean Of APK come with a watermark?

Yes, it comes with now watermark feature.


In conclusion, this video editing app changes the way we edit videos. It has everything you need – from changing speed and adding filters to sticking fun stickers. Whether you’re creating a fun video or making something for work, Efectum Ocean Of APK is a perfect choice.

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